hand-made necklaces  with Swarovski beads, Swarovski  charms, combs, and more!

hand-made dog & cat collars,   harness & leash, made with Swarovski crystals

My inspiration:

My "Buddy Toi Toi" 1995-2007

The Ultimate In Doggie Jewelry

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hand-made  1" top-knot barrettes made with Swarovski crystals

hand-made 1" top-knot bows  with Swarovski crystals & other embellishmentss 

Sugar and spice and everything nice ... but not your little spoiled furbabies, they only want Swarovski crystals to go!!!!

Specializing in:

Top-Knot Bows for toy breed dogs such as Shih-Tzus, Yorkies, Maltese, Havanese


Swarovski Collars for all dogs from  neck size 5" to 26"  and break-away safety collars for kitties  and cats