I started making top-knot bows in 2003 after I bought 3 of them on ebays, one for each of my Shih-Tzus, and was disappointed at how big and plain they were, so I spent months trying to learn and perfect my bows, to a tiny 1" from loop to loop size.  Once I felt comfortable with the way they looked and felt, I started selling them, first on ebay, then on craft shows and fairs, and they were a hit!!! I have sold hundreds of them.

Thereafter, I started to make dog and cat collars using Swarovski crystals (for cats I use safety/break-away collars).  I continued my creations by making tiny 1" barrettes, also with Swarovski crystals, in a variety of color and designs.  I then went on to make harness and leash/lead, matching the color and designs of the collars.  I also make doggie necklaces using Swarovski beads.

I specialize in elegant and sparkling Swarovski crystal classic style show top-knot bows, with one crystal as a center embellishment.  There are bows that I add up to 50 crystals throughout the bow, depending on your preference.  These are used by handlers on their show dogs as well as dog owners who wants their dogs to look just as beautiful as those show dogs.

I also make the bows with other kind of embellishment, such as flowers, roses, beads, pearls, hearts, bones, buttons, paws, and many mores.  I also do the sophisticated elegant danglers bows.

Each of my creations has been designed and meticulously hand-made by me, with attention to every detail, and especially made to complement your furbaby!

I personally make all my collar creations in a variety of colors and crystal patterns.  For instance, collars for a tiny 5-8" neck teacup Yorkie/Chihuahua to a large 24-27" neck for a Great Dane/Mastiff. They all deserve to look beautiful by wearing the very best!

My creations are the ultimate in dog accessories and will add sparkle and class to your furbaby ... it will definitely make him/her outshine the rest. They will catch everyone's attention when you take your pooch out for a stroll and the light hits those sparkling Swarovski crystals -- you will be the envy of the neighborhood!!!  Your groomer will compliment you on your choice of the beautiful accessories you have chosen for your furbaby.

Why not visit my store by clicking on the link on my Home Page? You will find hundreds of my creations to choose from.  I add new things everyday as I am building up my store again after having stopped making my creations and selling them for a few years after the passing of my dear husband.  So if there is a special color, design or size you are looking for and is not listed, please contact me and I will list it right away.

I guarantee my work 100%, if you are not happy with any of the items, just simply let me know, return the item and I will refund your money immediately, no questions asked, that is how confident I am that you will love the jewelry I make.

Nobody else gives you the choice of collar size and webbing color, Swarovski crystals and design like I do!   Why stick to just a few when there is such a variety of beautiful colors you can especially pick for your furbaby!!!

I have more than 50 Swarovski crystal color combinations, the solid color ones as well as the alternating color with clear, which allows me to make many designs, such as the criss-cross and straight patterns.

I only offer the very best for your pooch. I will not sell anything that I would not use on my own 4 girls and 2 boys (doggies and kitties, that is!),  Lucky, Lacey, Sammy, Bootsy, Mandy and Fluffy. Thank you for visiting my store.


  • All of my bows are double looped with a back flag and are made of 7/8" satin and/or grossgrain top-quality ribbons.  Most of them are made with an overlay, mostly in matching organza, and/or 5/8" or 3/8" ribbons to compliment the original ribbon.
  • Bows are hand-stitched, the old fashioned way! Two tiny 3/16" latex-free bands have been securely hand-sewn to the back of each bow (in case one breaks after numerous placing!).  They have been stiffened open to hold their fresh shape and beauty, and will withstand everyday wear.  All ribbons and threads have been treated to prevent fraying.  No craft ribbons, wire or glue are ever used in my bows.  My bows are doggie tested and will not come apart.  All of my items are made in my non-smoking home.
  • My doggies wear theirs for weeks at a time (24/7). I first make a top-knot with a special band (I will supply a few extra ones) and then I place the bow (using only one of the bands) over the already placed band. They are very lightweight and doesn't bother them. I re-do their top-knot after a few days and put the bows back.  Should the first band break, you still can use the bow using the second band.


  • The barrettes consist of a double row of 2.5mm or a single row of 4.0mm Swarovski crystals.
  • There are a variety of color and designs as to the placement of the crystals.
  • All crystals are four prong set in gold-toned setting, not paved.
  • First, the crystals have been continuously attached to a 30mm (1" tip to tip) with an industrial strength flexible, clear, waterproof jewelry adhesive.
  • Then, the barrette has been placed for no less than 48 hours in a special drying environment to make sure that the crystals completely sets.
  • This is the ultimate in dog barrettes, it can be used one at a time for a top-knot or use two for pigtails.
  • A good thing about a barrette vs. a bow, is that they tend to last longer, don’t get dirty and don't loose their shape.
  • Like the bow, I place the barrette over the already placed band, or if the hair is pretty coarse, you can just place the barrette directly and not use a band at all.  They are very lightweight and doesn't bother them. I re-do their top-knot after a few days and put the barrettes back.  Should the barrette becomes dirty, just rinse with cold water while lightly rubbing your finger over the crystals and let it dry completely.


  • The 3/8" collars has 3 rows of Swarovski crystals, the 5/8" has 5 rows, the 1" has 7 rows.  The number of crystals in each row varies depending on the size of the collar.  Each listing will show how many crystals per row on that specific collar.
  • All crystals are four prong set in gold-toned setting, not paved.
  • Only the finest and strongest nylon collars are used. 
  • The buckle and D-ring are made of a very strong metal (not plastic).
  • First, each row of crystals has been continuously attached to the collar starting at 1" from the D-Ring to 1/2" before the first buckle hole with an industrial strength, flexible, clear, waterproof jewelry adhesive.
  • Second, the collar has then been placed for no less than 48 hours in a special drying environment to make sure that the crystals completely set.
  • Last, but not least, each chain of crystals has been hand-sewn for double security with extremely strong monofilament sewing thread (the stitches are very well concealed and not noticeable on the outside of the collar nor can be felt on the inside of the collar, therefore, it will not irritate you dog's neck).

Your "BOW-WOW"  will look her (or his) very best when wearing any of my Bow-Wow-Bows creations.

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